The Wainwright 'Pennine Journey' Long Distance Walk

After an early attempt to interest a publisher in a guide to their walk came to nothing, they moved on to other LDP's and their project would probably, like AW's on which it was based, have lain dormant. However the formation in 2002 of the Wainwright Society prompted its resurrection. At the first annual general meeting they asked whether the Society would be interested in utilizing their project as the basis for a members' collective project. This was agreed, volunteer members were readily forthcoming to walk and then test walk each of the 18 stages of a slightly revised route from the 1998 route, writing and revising appropriate route descriptions.

One member (Colin Bywater) offered to do black and white drawings to illustrate the guide and another member (Ron Scholes) offered to do detailed route maps for the whole 247 miles. A guide book to the 'new' Pennine Journey was published in spring 2010 by Frances Lincoln, publishers of all AW's works.

Pennine Journey route map